"We promise our clients to develop a timeless design and growing brand strategy to enhance their market position. It emphasizes creating a timeless collaboration with ambitious business people to illustrate our marketing mindset philosophy in the market, aiming to deliver strategic marketing & branding plans based on statistical case studies and marketing research"

Mohammad Al Marouf, Managing Director
Poixel empowers the market with creative and original visual designs to attract market demand, aiming to build a successful portfolio based on case studies and data analysis. Poixel innovates a market value from a simple scratch by combining creative visuals & marketing standards.

Poixel is a branding & marketing creative company based in Kuwait specializing in developing business strategies and assisting entrepreneurs in building their brand strategy in the market. Poixel crafts interactive strategies to humanize brands by creating a relationship between the targeted audience & the brand through marketing research, strategy development, branding, and strategic planning.
Brand Auditing
We assist corporates to evaluate their brand position in the market, by initiating multiple surveys and market scanners to investigate the brand's strengths & weakness. We evaluate the brand equity through multi-steps procedure, starting from Auditing company's departments, operations, financial position, brand awareness & their marketing activities. The evaluation is based on marketing formula created upon multiple key performance indicators to assist decision makers to define their strategy.
Marketing Strategy
Based on the audit we run on the client's departments and operation, we establish marketing & brand strategies to stand out in the market. In addition, based on the data & statistics gathered and analyzed by Poixel using primary and secondary market research tools, we develop brand strategies to expose the core benefits & lead corporates in a successful direction.
Branding & Identity
Developing a case study for each branding project that we initiate, in which we establish our branding projects to showcase creativity and simplicity by illustrating a visual communicational strategy with the brand’s audience. Then, Poixel puts the strategy into action, including making all necessary aesthetic, digital, and marketing changes according to the strategy.
Market Research
Case studies are developed within a framework of work that can assist businesses to succeed in the market. The foundation of Poixel’s projects is reliable. We believe each brand needs to position its services or products to empower its industry with value. Therefore, Poixel provides market research services to build a successful strategy, supported with a valuable data.