Beauty and Personal Care
January 2022

Cocoon specializes in cosmetics and personal care products for young girls who want to incorporate such items into their daily lives. Cocoon primarily offers three types of products: haircare, skincare, and body care. The founder wanted a proper brand identity but was not aware of who their ideal consumer is and what are their needs. 


During this COVID-19, Cocoon started as a small business, making only around 2,000KWD per month as a startup business. But because it's a personal care brand, this isn't a good number as we found through our research that a single women buys such products 3-5 times a year, where each product valued at 5-10 KWD.

This meant that a single women won't be purchasing frequently throughout the year. As a result, Cocoon had to build brand awareness and credibility to expand to a profitable market.

Project Challenges

We helped them develop and launch their products successfully and grow their sales

Poixel helped them understand their market needs and connect with the audience by conducting marketing research and brand strategy. We focused on the teen segment, since this is the most influential group in Kuwait, and we formed a brand story to resonate with them. Within our marketing strategy, we introduced and launched the products successfully.

Cocoon is now a well-known brand in its audience base in Kuwait

Project Solutions
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