Insights and data-driven strategy that will empower your business in a dynamic market

In Kuwait's dynamic fast-paced market, the difference between success and mediocrity lies in making informed decisions. At Poixel, we specialize in market research in Kuwait, providing your business with the insights and data-driven strategies needed for success in this vibrant market. We help you unlock the information you need to make strategic, impactful, and game-changing market decisions.

Our Research Philosophy

At Poixel, our strategic and tailored approach to market research in Kuwait ensures that we uncover actionable insights that align with your unique business goals.
Identifying the specific marketing problem or question that needs to be addressed. It helps in setting clear objectives for the research.
Define the research objective
Identify key information
define the Scope of Research
A plan is developed to guide the data collection and analysis process. It outlines the approach, methods, and techniques to be used
Determine the research design
Define the target sample audience
Implement research methods & tools
Data collection is carried out based on the research plan, using chosen methods. The collected data is then analyzed to extract meaningful insights and draw conclusions
Execute accurate data collection process
Apply appropriate data analysis techniques
Interpret the findings, identify patterns or trends
Presenting the research findings and providing actionable recommendations based on the insights obtained. This helps in making informed marketing decisions
Prepare a comprehensive report
Communicate unbiased implications of the findings
Provide actionable recommendations

Research Case Studies


Crafted a compelling brand for Dietbux in Kuwait, achieving 2000+ new customers in the second-highest month, increasing monthly retention by 5-7%, and launching three marketing campaigns with 150+ micro-influencers.


We began by conducting extensive market research to understand Dietbux's target audience and competitive landscape. Based on these insights, we crafted a compelling brand strategy and developed a distinctive visual identity that resonates with their audience. The project also involved designing and developing a user-friendly website that effectively showcases Dietbux's offerings and enhances customer experience.

The Bakery

Increased revenue and revitalized brand image through a bold brand identity and customer-centric marketing strategy


The Bakery wanted to improve its sales performance and change its product offering to help improve sales. As a result, we conducted research and identified key market trends and consumer behavior that helped us form a solid strategy.


Constructed a unique brand identity based on market research and strategy, differentiating the brand from its competition


Joya is a meditation and breathing center that aims to embrace human beings' life obstacles through developing guidelines for individuals who are willing to enjoy their lives. Our main scope of work is to develop marketing and brand strategy, including visual identity & brand name.


Developed a solid brand identity and strategy after researching market needs and opportunities, resulting in a loyal customer base.


Chadove is a startup luxurious brand specializing in chocolate & flowers, mainly for special occasions. We developed their brand through extensive research, which defined their brand image, product design & sales channels.


Developed a solid brand identity and strategy after researching market needs and opportunities, resulting in a loyal customer base, increased revenue, and a strong brand image.


Cocoon is a local brand specializing in cosmetics and personal care products, made for youth females looking into using such beauty products. We provided our services to assist the brand to establish a youth community through multi-steps process including research & strategy development.

Uncover Key Consumer Trends, Identify Untapped Opportunities, & Drive Strategic Decisions.

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