How Heavy Equipment Is Rented Out: Insights from Contractors in Kuwait

How Heavy Equipment Is Rented Out: Insights from Contractors in Kuwait
How Heavy Equipment Is Rented Out: Insights from Contractors in Kuwait
January 14, 2022
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We initiated a market research study by interviewing five experts in the top managerial positions in construction and contracting companies in Kuwait. This article looks at what the contracting companies look for when renting out heavy equipment, and the problems they face in the same

B2B heavy equipment rental

Experts stated that they do not rent out their equipment to others, while some do rent equipment from other firms. It was clear that contractors want to own their equipment rather than rent it. 

However, it becomes necessary to rent owing to a lack of equipment due to the number of projects, or a certain project demands equipment that is not commonly utilized at the firm. 

Financial problems of renting equipment

It quickly became evident that renting equipment comes with a slew of financial problems. Due to payment issues, companies who rent to others only rent to firms and contractors they know and trust.

When renting equipment, people either make late payments or make full payments but overestimate the rental term, resulting in a quarrel between the two parties about the money owed and the renting period.

Because they have already made a down payment, some contractors may hire the incorrect equipment for the job and keep it idle, refusing to pay the entire cost because the equipment was never used.

Drivers and operators

When it comes to heavy equipment management and operation, drivers and operators are critical. The criteria for drivers and operators differ depending on the type of equipment employed.

Heavy equipment needs specialized drivers and operators who have prior expertise with the equipment and must engage in training; this results in a higher salary for the operators, which typically falls in the range of 250-300 KWD as of mid-2022.

Drivers and operators are constantly supervised by their supervisors to ensure the quality of service and the smooth flow of projects. 

Companies want to offer an operator with the machine when renting out equipment to minimize problems and mishaps. Because the operator will be accountable for his own equipment, there will be no insurance difficulties between the two parties.

Equipment maintenance

The equipment goes through regular maintenance, even while idle. It was clear that there is a schism in the industry regarding some approaches; certain companies have adapted and have been digitizing their work, whereas others are still strongly opposed to digitization and follow an old-fashioned approach by utilizing formal paper requests, having staff manage and physically track equipment, and using traditional sign-in sheets and supervisors for employees and projects. 

Equipment management

The method for equipment management is quite similar across industries. When idle, the heavy equipment is normally placed in a dedicated parking area that the corporation rents or owns and is subjected to planned maintenance.

When equipment is hired or requested for a project, it is tracked from the time it is relocated from the parking area it was in until it returns once its purpose is completed.

Contractors also mentioned intentions to develop new departments related to equipment, related to  transportation, maintenance, and acquisition. This demonstrates the significance of equipment in the sector, as organizations intend to grow their departments to better handle their equipment.

Issues in Heavy Equipment Renting

A few problems were discussed throughout the interviews. One of the major issues mentioned is the requirement evaluation for specific projects. In most situations, the project manager fails to correctly appraise the project and the equipment required, resulting in the incorrect equipment being hired.

This produces disagreements between the two parties since one wants a refund and the other refuses the refund based on their initial agreement.

Another issue with renting equipment is transportation of the specified equipment. The transportation is dependent on the rental term. If the rental time is less than a week, the renting party is responsible for transportation. If it’s between 1-2 weeks, the obligation is divided between the two parties. 


If it exceeds 2 weeks, the liability falls on the person who owns the equipment. However, not all organizations adhere to this guideline, which causes friction between the two sides.

Another problem is that some people in this sector are not technologically advanced. This creates a problem in digitizing the sector, which can however be easily overcome through training programs.


Project management is a vital part of business strategy. It allows contractors to manage projects, equipment and more in a way that is solid and reliable. Get our full market research report on the construction market outlook and heavy equipment rental in Kuwait. Reach out to us at to initiate a market research study for your business.

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