Jarir Bookstore's Customer-First Policy Lends Top Market Position In Kuwait

October 1, 2022
Jarir Bookstore's Customer-First Policy Lends Top Market Position In Kuwait
Jarir Bookstore's Customer-First Policy Lends Top Market Position In Kuwait
October 1, 2022
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The market value of the arts and stationery sector is KWD 15,497,937, and its online market value is KWD 5,036,829. Moreover, as of 2021, the industry has a 406,770-person active consumer base. 

Poixel finds through its market research in Kuwait that the arts industry has gone through several phases. This article looks into how consumer behavior has evolved from COVID-19 and how Jarir bookstore is the market leader in the arts and stationery industry in Kuwait


2022: Key Developments Art Supplies in Kuwait

The Art Supplies industry is seeing an influx of consumers, strongly pushed by the “Back-to-School” season. Offline sales are steadily growing Y-O-Y as the economy has opened, the supply chain is strong and the need for stationery items for office and personal use still exists.

Small local bookshops are located in every major area in Kuwait, making it easily accessible for the locals to visit them for quick printing jobs or purchases of essential items such as pens, pencils, paper, cardboard, notepads, and other office supplies.

For special branded products and premium items, consumers visit big brands such as Jarir, Al Sanafer, and others. 

Online sales of stationery supplies for office usage remain low, as people are unaware of brands and further, don’t prefer to buy from a website or app.

However, online sales for art supplies are better than that for stationery and office supplies. People still prefer to shop in stores, browse different brands, ask salespeople about product information, and more.

Jarir Bookstore recently launched an online ordering system in mid-2022, allowing consumers to order from their website. Poixel expects consumers to continue shopping offline. Online orders will slight grow for personal use purposes


Purchasing Behavior

We discover that while 32% buy art supplies for school or college requirements, 62% buy them for personal usage. 35% of the most common art supplies are pencils, sketchbooks, and paintbrushes.

These are thought to move quickly, and as a result, they make up a large portion of purchases. 18% of those questioned by Poixel said they seldom ever buy art supplies in a given year. However, novice painters make at least one monthly purchase of supplies.

Each person has a different annual budget for art supplies. Due to this, 22% of consumers spend between 50 and 100 KWD, while 43% spend between 10 and 50 KWD annually on art materials. However, during the past several months, an average customer has spent 5–50 KWD on art supplies, according to Poixel.

Custom-First Policy of Jarir

According to Poixel's study, Jarir's substantial market position in Kuwait is due primarily to the consumer-centric business strategy that underpins all of its managerial and commercial endeavors. 

In order to overcome obstacles and facilitate efficient workflow, the business offers training and direction to its staff. The sales personnel are courteous, professional and fully aware of product offerings - leading them to guide consumers to the right product based on their needs. The brand thus obtained the highest custom rating from Poixel, the top market research firm in Kuwait.

Jarir follows a Customer-First policy that states that brands need to deliver a positive custom experience to build long-lasting relationships and secure future growth. Staff training, product knowledge, friendly demeanor, and multilingual skills are crucial elements that contribute to improving customer service.

Additionally, employees must be given reasonable authority over their job and given the assistance and training they need to make decisions that are in the organization's best interests.


Get our full market research report on the stationery and arts market of Kuwait. Reach out to us at info@poixel.com to initiate a market research study for your business.

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