The Cakes & Gifts Retailing Market in Kuwait - Local Insights

October 15, 2022
The Cakes & Gifts Retailing Market in Kuwait - Local Insights
The Cakes & Gifts Retailing Market in Kuwait - Local Insights
October 15, 2022
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Kuwait is a particularly attractive market for the sector because of the cultural ethos that encourages social gatherings during seasonal social occasions. As a result, cake sales and gift-giving activities continue to be popular, especially during significant holidays and events like birthdays and Mother's Day.

The past few years have seen an acceleration in the growth of Kuwait's cake market, with a particular emphasis on high-end products such as cakes for special occasions and birthday cakes or desserts. 

In this article, we examine the cakes and gifts market in Kuwait, consumer behavior, and what aspects businesses should keep in mind in order to succeed in the marketplace.


2022: Key Developments in the Cakes & Gifts Market Kuwait

Inflation in Kuwait is at 4.5% as of September 2022, an all-time high. The increase in the prices of some important commodity groups, the movement of indices, and the drop in the prices of some other groups are the causes of the inflationary spike. 

As per Central Bank reports, the money supply is still higher than it has been in 2021. Meaning, consumers have the purchasing power to buy food, groceries, and as a result, cakes and gifts. Hence, the supply of money is good enough to encourage people to spend in the economy

Despite the rising costs, we believe consumers will continue buying cakes and gifts for loved ones on special occasions in 2023.

In 2021, with a predicted market value of 128 million KWD overall, of which 78 million KWD is allocated to online channels, the cakes business in particular has tremendous development potential. 

Additionally, the gifting market is valued at 194 million KWD, of which 110 million KWD are allocated to the online gift-selling sector. For all businesses together, potential clientele range from 4-5 million KWD.


Top cakes in Kuwait

According to Poixel's research, black forest cake, ice cream cake, chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cakes are the most popular cake varieties. The sample favors each of these tastes equally. But tastes shift and new trends appear. These are the most popular cakes that most people purchase for special occasions, despite shifting fashions.

How much consumers spend on cakes and gifts in Kuwait

The average annual cost of cakes is between 10-20 KWD. In connection with the main social occasions, such as birthdays, Mother's Day, graduation celebrations, and marriage anniversaries, the typical consumer purchases cake and sweets 2-4 times each year.

These occasions are the most lucrative ones for shops since they take place regularly throughout the year. Furthermore, 35% of people buy 3-5 cakes around New Year's, which accounts for the majority of cake and sweets sales.

The Social Culture of Kuwaitis

Kuwaitis appreciate and observe the custom of giving presents. On yearly occasions like Eid, Mother's Day, birthdays, and celebrations, gifts are given to loved ones. 

In Arab culture, kindness and hospitality are deeply rooted. It is also usual in Arab culture to present and receive gifts on certain occasions. No matter how well-known a family is with their neighbor, it is customary to give presents on all holy days. If a family invites them to their house, they will also bring presents along with them

According to Poixel’s market research, 88% of people present cakes on birthdays. Birthdays occur the most often throughout the year compared to other social gatherings, making it the most lucrative market for brands to target with high-quality products.

Following birthdays, people purchase cake on Mother's Day and graduations. Graduation ceremonies take place at the end of the year, which prompts individuals to purchase beautiful graduation cakes. 

Given that Mother's Day only comes around once a year, competition is fierce as all brands come up with seasonal products. Hence, it becomes important for brands to follow a marketing strategy as per their brand identity and connect with their consumer segment.


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