The Floral Gifting Market Analysis of Kuwait - Consumer Insights

The Floral Gifting Market Analysis of Kuwait - Consumer Insights
The Floral Gifting Market Analysis of Kuwait - Consumer Insights
July 12, 2021
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Floral gifting is a burgeoning market in Kuwait. With the advancement of technology, flowers are now orderable online via a number of local gift shops in the region, as well as a few local florist chains. 

Florists have an advantage over traditional retailers because they offer fresh and high-value products that cannot be conveniently found online.

Poixel interviewed flower shops in Kuwait to understand their business strategy and consumer behavior. This article looks at consumer behavior regarding buying flowers and gifts and how flower shops manage their supply chain.

Supply Chain

Due to their extended lifespan, we discover that orchids are the most popular flower, followed by Lillies, Roses, and Lavender. 


Every flower store has a wholesale supplier with whom they conduct frequent business. Due to recent labor issues, suppliers are unable to keep up with demand and have had to raise prices. Smaller, less established flower businesses do not receive better shipments than larger, more established stores if they are able to satisfy demand.

Once the shipments have been made, if the suppliers have provided insufficient quantities or things of inferior quality, the store owners will have to look for alternatives in the "mashatel" market, which is more expensive than a wholesaler and raises the overall cost.

When flowers begin to wilt, the shop owners do their best to refill them. When they are unable to do so, they discount them, which actually causes them to sell even if buyers are aware that the flower is wilted or towards the end of its life.

Before the flowers die, some owners offer them to their relatives and close friends to beautify their homes, while others just dump the flowers after they can no longer be replenished.

Types of sold flowers and how consumers use them

According to Poixel, 75% of people prefer to buy flowers in person from retailers. Thus, while purchasing flowers, customers must interact in person. Applications are the second most popular method, favored by the sample.

Garden flowers and decorative flowers are the two main sub sectors of the flower business. The ornamental flowers are purchased by customers as presents or for long-term home decoration.

On the other side, the customer plants and cares for the garden flowers. Decorative flowers often last less time than garden flowers, especially if they are in an arrangement or bouquet and don't have any soil as garden plants do.

Customers who have gardens in their houses prefer to keep them ornamented with garden plants. Some customers choose to purchase the flowers as seeds or as fully-grown blooms and then plant them in their own gardens.

When People Gift Flowers

In Poixel’s cake and gifts market research, we found that people value giving gifts to their loved ones while being there with them. Flowers were one of the popular gift choices. Consumers prefer to purchase flowers and gifts online because of the convenience. Consumers can easily pick flowers for special occasions and get them delivered at their preferred time.

Nearly 30% of married couples prefer sending flowers or elaborate gifts equally. The typical cost of flowers is 6–11 KWD, while complex bouquets cost 20–29 KWD. It is clear that customers frequently spend between 20-29 KWD at flower stores.

When congratulating someone on a significant occasion, people with lower incomes have stated that buying flowers is their favorite method, whilst those with higher incomes prefer an expensive present along with flowers.

When purchasing flowers, customers need to be able to touch the product in person. Applications are the second most popular method, favored by 18% of the sample. The most popular applications for the same are Floward and Bleems. For special occasions, 40% of the sample utilizes apps to purchase flowers as it's convenient and simple to send gifts. Kuwaiti consumers place a high value on convenience and ease of purchase. A large majority also actively purchase during discount periods to reduce costs. 


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